Left Field

(Unretouched bootleg photo of Left Field performing "The Colonel Bogie March" in concert:
Music In The Great Swamp, Barking Dog, New Jersey)

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LEFT FIELD will perform at the Watchung Arts Center on Saturday, May 25th at 8:00 PM. Admission is $12, which includes desserts and coffee.The Watchung Arts Center is located at 18 Stirling Road on the Circle in Watchung, NJ 07069. For more information, and to reserve tickets online, visit their website: http://www.watchungarts.org/Folk/ -- or call 908 753-0190.

LF on MYCHOTR, 5 de Mayo: in its capacity as house band, presented a selection of tunes for ongoing research projects of the Center for Peripheral Studies, which include an anthem supporting Pres. Bush's welfare plan to get more people married; the development of a new drug, Skeptica® with GulliBlocker®, by the Institute for Healthier Skepticism; and an interim report from Senior JollyGoodFellow Wally Oblong on upgrading the software that programs our lives.

Left Field's two CDs -- of live performances in Still A-Live! (1996) and the studio recording Extra Innings (1998) are now available from CDBaby, where you can use your credit card, if you've got one that still works! You can even write your own review -- and please do! The URL is www.cdbaby.com/leftfield.

LF appeared at the Prallsville Mill on Saturday 3 November 2001, where we were the opening act for Reilly & Maloney. It was a beautiful crisp autumn night, with a full moon, which did not seem to occasion any unseemly behavior, and a great time was had by all. The Mill concerts are sponsored by John Weingart's Music You Can't Hear on the Radio.

LF returned from self-imposed internal exile to perform at the Minstrel Coffeehouse on Friday, October 19th at 8:30 PM. The Minstrel Coffeehouse has changed venues since we performed there last and is now located at the Morris County Cultural Center on Rt. 24 between Morristown and Mendham, NJ. The concert series is sponsored by the Folk Project of Northern NJ. This performance marked a kind of release party for our new(ish) recording, Extra Innings, still warm from a new production run by Oasis, and soon to be available online from CDBaby.

April Fool's Day
LF on MYCHOTR: Musical virus generation for the CfPS/MusicLab report on the Mozart Effect and the fight against infoPlaque.

New Year's and beyond...
After a stunning display of musical courage at First Night Bethelehem 2001, during which LF cleared the room not once but TWICE in a battle of the Christian Rock Bands, the intrepid foursome returned to Dr. Dann's Digital Music Emporium on an irregular basis to work on three projects: 1) a new CD; 2) a new collection of old performances, beginning with out-takes from Still A-Live!; and 3) baking and burning legacy tapes from the last quarter century in their collective and respective musical lives.

Tapped years ago as the house band for the Center for Peripheral Studies, LF recently rested from its labors in service of MYCHOTR by auditioning for another think-tank, the Eagleton Institute for Political Studies at Rutgers University, on Election Day itself. The returns are still being hand-counted, but we're prepared to declare victory!

In July 1996, LF began making very occasional trips to Dr. Dann's Digital Music Emporium to burn some tape and try our hand at a serious recording project. This enterprise reached fruition: a fourteen-tune offering called Extra Innings -- and this time, for good or ill, it's all original material. We hope you'll enjoy the results!

After years of dragging their sagging behinds from one raccoon room to another, LF has produced a CD of live performances from the 1980s, Still A-Live!

...& Olds

A little over two years ago (July 1996), we began making very occasional trips to Mark Dann's digital musical emporium to burn some tape and try our hand at a serious recording project. This enterprise is nearing fruition -- it better: we're almost out of money! -- and there should be something to show for our efforts by the end of this summer. Stay tuned for developments: we think it will be worth the wait!

After years of dragging our sagging behinds, not to mention a mounting concatenation of equipment, from one Raccoon Room to another, and seeing as at least two of us have crossed the Rubicon into our second half-century, Left Field has opted for a come-hither attitude and taken up permanent residence in the interstitial realm of cyberspace. What this means for the moment is that none of you or us ever again needs to stir from our respective ergonomically-designed plotz-plätze in order to enjoy whatever it was that we used to do together.

How do you like the show so far? Pretty pathetic, ne? Well, what you've stumbled across is an in-progress site enhancement, and all we can say is, please be patient with us -- we didn't grow up with computers, you know! (Some of us can remember the first TV set, the first non-party-line telephone, even -- the first electric guitar!)

But enough lame excuses (is there another kind?). Check back in a month or so, and there might be some progress to report. Until then:


Last updated: 30 Oct 2001