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The Center for Peripheral Studies returned to the airwaves on April Fool's Day 2001 with another in its series of musical reports on John Weingart's program, Music You Can't Hear on the Radio, (7 to 10PM, WPRB Princeton --103.3 FM, or on the Web at

The topic of the report was Science and Technology.

Featuring musical offerings by LEFT FIELD, the agenda included historical perspective from Visiting JollyGoodFellow Arthur "Buddy" Newkirk, on sabbatical loan from the Torvex Institute, and a white paper by Wally Oblong, Senior JollyGood Fellow and head of the Center's MusicLab. Dr. Oblong shared some initial findings from a study on the Mozart Effect now being conducted at the Center.

LEFT FIELD is the house band at the Center for Peripheral Studies.

John Weingart, host of Music You Can't Hear On the Radio, commissioned this series of reports from the Center. He is a SeniorJollyGoodFellow of the Center's Institute for Healthier Skepticism.

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Anent Torvex, see, the home page of Dr. Newkirk's spokesperson and amanuensis, John G. McDaid.

Previous Reports from the CfPS

On Sunday, November 5, 2000, the Center concluded its series of musical reports on the 2000 presidential election campaign, as part of John Weingart's "Music You Can't Hear on the Radio," WPRB Princeton(103.3 FM, webcast at

In keeping with its recreational mission, the CfPS dispatched its house band, LEFT FIELD, into the field to research and prepare the series, which was commissioned by Weingart, himself a Senior JollyGoodFellow of the Center's Institute for Healthier Skepticism.

The series featured 15-20-minute reports on alternate weeks in the run-up to the November 7 election. The October 8 report, "Dem Dems," focused on the Democratic POV, while the October 22 report, "GOPpers Galore!" offered a Republican response. The final report, "A Plague on Both Yer Houses," synthesized and evaluated the findings of the first two.

The outcome of the election has been widely hailed as a testament to the fanatical not to say obsessive evenhandedness of these reports.

The series was successful enough to occasion further reports from CfPS/Left Field in the months to come. Upcoming reports will address subjects as varied as Science & Technology, Religion, Healthcare, and Love.

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Left Field named house band

The Center for Peripheral Studies is proud to announce that Left Field, a reclusive group of Neo-Romantic Radical Centrist Raccoon Room specialists, will join us as house band. Their first assignment: a follow-up to the 1993 U Cal Irvine experiment demonstrating clearly that listening to music makes you smarter (at least for the next ten minutes)!

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