Image Gallery

Below are some of the great views that club members have captured on film (or digital memory) on various dive trips.

Please drop me a line (that's Bob) if you would like to submit an image to this gallery.

A turtle swims comfortably among the coral, despite an old injury — a large shark bite on one side

This turtle was spotted swimming around the Great Barrier Reef (Queensland, Australia) quite gracefully, despite having had a large chunk taken out of its right side, presumably in a shark attack. [Photographer: Ian Lloyd]

A jellyfish flanked by smaller fish

Jill was just snorkelling when she took this picture — the jellyfish was only a couple of feet under the surface, hence the light is excellent. Jill assures us that the jellyfish had no "nasty, stingy, dangly bits"! [Photographer: Jill Smith]

A close-up, straight-on shot of a turtle feeding on coral

"I was right next to him as he bit chunks of coral off for dinner — what a sound!" So describes club member Paul who took this shot in Fiji. [Photographer: Paul Spencer]

Black and white patterned starfish

You're a star — and don't let anyone tel you any different. [Photographer: Helen Cranfield

Another beautiful example of the Great Barrier Reef

Another cracking shot of the reef from Mark.