25 November 2006

Who are you, then?

Who are you, then?

A long time ago, he said, I wrote a story that included you. Now that story has grown to include me, and our meeting like this.

We each of us exists, he went on, in a web of stories, that extends through all the dimensions of our life. Not just space & time. Memory is also a dimension. So is what you would call imagination. And then there are dreams, visions, and — well, delusions. That's where we live.

15 November 2006

For my final script...

Bethlehem Diner
For my final script I will be writing a story about a group [of] people that come together to survive the near end of the world. The world has become infected with a[n] extremelhy contagious virus that reanimates the dead, and turns them into violent cannibals.
NCC scriptwriter's Final Script Summary
Damn! I hate when the stoodies get there ahead of me!

10 November 2006

Grissom's wisdom

When you chase two rabbits, you lose 'em both.
— Grissom, on an early CSI.

05 November 2006

DrDann's next gig

I've been upstate for a recording session at Mark Dann's Studio-in-the-Woods.

On my way home he calls to ask how the take-away CD sounds on the car stereo.

"Great!" I tell him. "You got a gig tonight?"

"Yeah," he says. "I'm playing in Kingston with the Tweety Birds."

02 November 2006


Bethlehem Diner

Urinetown: Brecht lite? Blitztein lite? "Not a Happy Musical" — what does that mean, in present culture? Hilarious, sends up many another musical — to what end? Are authors utter skeptics, in [Toril] Moi's sense (see Ibsen and the Birth of Modernism)? Are we?

01 November 2006

Chair Moves

Advanced Dermatology, Bethlehem
Chair Moves
Physicians Only

— taped to seat of stool Mr. W______ sits on for my examination.
Query: if I sit on it, will it move me? Or would I have to be a (sentimental?) physician?