08 August 2006

From The Great Fire

Isolation had made me arrogant, too. I wasn't prepared for the quality of thought in others.
— Shirley Hazzard, The Great Fire, 124.

When we're indecisive, yes, the wishes of others gain.
Ibid., 146.

There can be danger in supplying what people say they want...

"The illusory quiet of the world": small flaring hubbub of humanity, and the encompassing night. That ancient balance had tipped long since.
Ibid., 147.

When a life goes off the rails, the casualties are many. One grows by turns patient, even saintly, and furiously resentful. These fluctuations occur in rapid succession or simultaneously, and the habit of abnegation loses its interest. Like others, I turn to my work, which occasionally palls.
Ibid., 312.

One wants, of course, to simply copy out the whole thing.


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