As indicated at the bottom of the home page, this site was first designed and built in Storyspace, the hypertext authoring environment created by Michael Joyce, Jay David Bolter, John B. Smith, and Mark Bernstein, and distributed by Eastgate Systems of Watertown, MA. After the design was more or less complete, the whole was exported to HTML. This ordeal was undertaken in the early days of 1996 (before the spring semester started).

Most of the current pages were created or modified using Adobe PageMill®, beginning with version1.0, but substantially refined with version 2.0. Additional work was done with Claris Home Page® and in raw HTML. The penultimate version of the site (c. 1998) was organized and maintained using Adobe SiteMill® 2.0, while the most recent implementation (2000) was redone and is maintained with Macromedia® Dreamweaver™3.

For you materialists out here in cyberspace, these 50-odd pages sprawl across three servers, two in NYC ( and and one in Atlanta ( -- at least that's where it was the last time I asked.

Graphics used in this site

Except as noted below, all the graphics (like the one above) came from an extraordinary collection, the Desk Gallery Clip-Art Library, originally from Zedcor, Inc. (which has since become ArtToday). Used with permission.

Birdcage (home page)
I've used this as a kind of badge since 1992, when I left full-time employment for the last time. It's a simple 1-bit graphic I found in a HyperCard stack many years ago.

BlyTree (Headshot, CV)
This photograph was taken by my wife Deborah at Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY, just after the blizzard in March of 1993. You can see that I haven't changed much since then.

Peek_outside (A Boomer's Brief Bio)
I wish there were a search engine for graphics, since I've lost track of where I originally found this 19th c. woodcut (I think that's the period and medium). The original is in color, but somehow didn't have the depth I found in this gray-scale version I produced with GraphicConverter. (Then again, I wear trifocals....) If any visitor can provide me with the original artist, provenance, and medium, I'd be very grateful -- just drop me an E at

SummerBoys (SummerBoys)
Another photo by my wife Deborah, this one taken on 22 July 1998 at Benson House at SDTC: The Center for Discovery in upstate New York, where my son Billy, who had just turned 20, is a resident. I'm singing "Happy Birthday," while he's trying to crush my head. Typical.

EvilEyeIbsen (syllabus, Modern Dramatist: Poet, Prophet Priest, Summer 1996)
I found this marvelous caricature attached to the Ibsen concordance page at the Humanistisk Datasenter, the Norwegian Computing Centre for the Humanities. (If you click on the graphic, it will take you there. I offer this link as a pack-rat substitute for permission to use the graphic.)

Background graphics and the odd spacer or rule
All come from the sampler (created by Little Men Studio, as best I can determine ) that was bundled with Claris HomePage®.

Last updated 19 November 2000.