LF @ People's Voice Café 20 March 2004!

L to R: Deborah Griffin Bly, Bill Bly, Liz Emmert, Bill Neely, Mark Dann (in the distance)
unretouched photo

Left Field will appear (and play and sing!) for the first time at the Peoples' Voice Café on Saturday 20 March 2004. The Peoples' Voice Cafe has its roots in a time-honored tradition combining culture with political activity. Performances are held in the Workmen's Circle Building, 45 East 33rd St. (between Park & Madison) in New York City. Doors open before 7.30 pm. For further information, call 212/787-3903 or visit the Peoples' Voice Café website at http://peoplesvoicecafe.org.

Left Field's music is difficult to characterize. Original songs make up roughly two-thirds of their concert repertoire and cut a wide swath across an agglomeration of musical forms and subjects — from social commentary ("New Beatitudes"), to historical subjects ("Father Abraham"), to political satire ("Spurn Not George Bush"), to songs that offer keen insight into the troubled waters of interpersonal relationships ("Let's Get Old and Cranky"), as well as the psychological plight of the aging hippie ("Billions of Brain Cells Ago"). Their non-original material encompasses a broad panorama of musical interests, including (but not limited to), American traditional music, gospel, jazz, and contemporary pop. Much of their music features 3- and 4-part vocal harmony, accompanied by guitar, mandolin, keyboard, accordion, and other instruments of indeterminate pitch.

Jennie Litt and David Alpher will be sharing the bill with Left Field at the Peoples' Voice Café. For more info, visit David's web site.

To book Left Field, or for further info on Left Field's recordings and performances, call Bill & Deborah Bly: 917/691-9511 or Bill Neely & Liz Emmert: 610/756-0028.)

Left Field has two CDs: a live collection called Still A-live! and the more recent studio CD, Extra Innings.
Both can be purchased online from cdbaby.com/cd/leftfield.