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The images are numbered according to their appearance in the photo album created by my father, William James Bly Jr (herein WJBlyJr, 1912-91), the order being roughly chronological by family, starting with my mother's (Jane Rex Bly, 1914-92) maternal grandmother Jane Campbell McNary (1860-1940), and proceeding through her paternal grandfather David C Rex (1851-1946), my father's maternal grandparents Stewart William Hamilton (1870-1949) and Catherine Gray Hamilton (1872-1969), and his paternal grandfather, James R Bly (1849-1920).

There follow personal galleries of my mother's parents, Florence McNary Rex (1885-1960), and Frank Clyde Rex (1882-1967), and my father's parents, Madeline Hamilton Bly (1895-1951) and William James Bly Sr (Pop Bly, herein WJBly, 1887-1946).

The last section of the album comprises extended galleries of my father and my mother, from infancy through young adulthood — i.e., up to the time they got married.

Each photo or document was scanned at 150 dpi — i.e., roughly twice actual size — so that dim images and text will be easier to decipher. This means that the image will overflow even a large display, so some scrolling will be necessary in order to see everything. If time permits, a more elegant mode of presentation will be devised, but my aim in this first pass was to get as many done as possible.

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Bill Bly (WJBly3, 1948- ).
29 June 2004