Marie's Pix from Vermont Studio Center

January 2002

Photos by Marie Harris,
Poet Laureate of New Hampshire

Open Studios: See the Artists in their natural habitat!

David Bell contemplates a career move to cartooning...

Norman Dreo, training for the Art Olympics in Manila...

Mee Kyung Shim and friend...

Emna Zghal on her best behavior...

Kenny Cole and his new board game...

Scenes from the post-reading party:
Writers and fellow-travelers in their natural habitat

Marjorie Saunders & Karin Stack

Robert Berlind (meditating) & Winn Rea

Louise von Weise

Al Crichton & Mike Branca (after sundown)

Al Crichton (again!) & Jon Gregg

The House Band
Thomas Lakeman, Bill Bly, Al Crichton (the Zelig of the residency...)

Kate Gleason, BBly, Susan Silverman

da Gurlz
Barbara Kriegsman, JerriAnne Boggis, Marjorie Saunders, Maria-Theresa Fernandes