Haiku Ameriku

Wind blows through iced-over branches:
a flirting woman fingers her pearls.
-- Runner-up in the JAL Haiku Contest for English speakers

A paring of moon slices the clouds
as this blunt tube rams through the dark.

Nephew Seth is visited:
autumn apple fussed by yellow-jackets!

New Yoahk flavuh:

So what do I got against huh?
Cuz she had fuck wi' me regulah.

'Tchoo lookin' at, mofo?
Got a prob'm? What's yuh prob'm?
'N why shid I keah [care]?

F'git [forget: one syllable] abaht [it] -- I was so skeahed [scared]:
I've nevuh seen such a faiah [fire: two syllables] like dat!

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