The Story So Far

The Center for Peripheral Studies began as a dream of a think tank for the rest of us.

At first we thought we could do it with an 800 number; then via e-mail. Then came the Web, and we knew we'd found our venue.

What we needed was support. In late 1997, hope arrived in the form of a grant opportunity from PBS Online. We applied for the grant, and made the semifinal cut, but were turned down in the last round. We're reapplying here and elsewhere, if only to keep up our grant-writing skills -- necessary chops for any institute to have, these days....

In the meantime, we'll post all the wonderful stuff we had to write for that original proposal. That ought to give our only-too-patient friends an idea of what they're still waiting for. And maybe someone with GOOGOBS of money will read it, and...

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Last updated: 7/16/2001